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ich bin dein schlimmster alptraum. ich mache viel dreck und so. auch meine freunde kommen aus der hölle... ihre freunde würde nicht mal ich kennenlernen wollen. mehr...

this is my winter song to you. the storm is coming soon, it rolls in from the sea. my voice; a beacon in the night. my words will be your light, to carry you to me. is love alive? they say that things just cannot grow beneath the winter snow, or so I have been told. they say we're buried far, just like a distant star i simply cannot hold. is love alive? this is my winter song. december never felt so wrong, 'cause you're not where you belong; inside my arms.

babsi claus dagmar edith furz
love full of hate. don't you love how i break?
[your signal fades away & all i'm left with is noise]